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The adventure begins in the field, listening to you.

From the very first discussions, ideas are born, and it’s within our design office, made up of engineers and multi-skilled technicians, that we select the best economic and technical option for your project.

The versatility of our team is undoubtedly one of our main strengths, and although we are each experts in our own field, we like to compare our views to find the ideal solution for your business. Our expertise is at your service throughout the entire production process.

Serving small and large companies

We carry out several projects every year, from the expansion or modernization of an existing line to the complete creation of new production units.

Our customers come from a wide range of industrial sectors, including food, wood, aeronautics, energy and pharmaceuticals.

Over the years, we’ve designed a wide range of systems, including machines for unscrewing, packaging, die-cutting, capping, nailing/screwing, machining, assembly, stretching, inspection, palletizing, and much more!

To achieve this, we integrate robust, state-of-the-art technologies such as robots, vision systems and servo systems, with communication protocols such as IO-LINK, PROFINET, MODBUS, etc.

We can also design solutions for monitoring, archiving and analyzing your production data to optimize your business. Key indicators are made available to support decision-making.

of your machine

Finally, we follow up all our designs ourselves, guarantee a highly responsive breakdown service and implement communication processes that enable us to remain close to our customers at all times.

We’ll help you grow your business, and we’ll be your partner of choice for all your industrial problems!

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Our team


Denis Bosmans – An entrepreneur with a technical soul (Manager)

Denis is much more than just an entrepreneur. He embodies a rare fusion of technical skills and entrepreneurial intelligence. He can go from an in-depth discussion on the latest technological advances to a strategy meeting on company growth in the blink of an eye. This versatility has enabled him to make informed decisions and steer his company to new heights.

Diego Bosmans – Le Pilier de la Transformation (Manager – Project Engineer)

Diego is much more than an industrial engineer. It embodies the spirit of the Bosmans family. Since joining INDUTECH, Diego has worked tirelessly to identify innovative solutions to the complex challenges facing the company, while respecting the core values for which the company is renowned.

Ilyas Aanounou (Industrial technician)

Ilyas is an industrial technician who remains constantly motivated in his work assembling complex machines with precision, skilfully combining the welding of parts, the assembly of mechanical components and the performance of electrical work.

Didier Dewalque (Industrial technician)

Didier is an industrial technician with a passionate heart. For him, it’s all in the details. His methodical approach is an invaluable asset to the team, ensuring that every project is completed to the highest quality.

Régis Cabay (Industrial technician)

Régis is an industrial technician everyone can count on. His experience in the waterjet cutting sector is an invaluable asset when it comes to servicing high-pressure pumps or helping customers with their cutting programs.

Bryan Noel (Automation Manager)

When Bryan dives into the world of robotics, it’s as if he’s embarking on an exciting adventure. Each line of code represents a puzzle to be solved, and he throws himself enthusiastically into the search for innovative solutions.

Gregory Bomgartz (Workshop Manager)

Gregory, an outstanding workshop manager, skilfully orchestrates daily operations, ensuring that every task is carried out with precision and efficiency. As coordinator of technical services at customer sites, he extends his expertise to solve problems in the field.

Olivier Lechat (Project engineer)

Olivier is a versatile industrial engineer. He plays an essential role in the team, and his ability to anticipate potential challenges and develop preventive solutions is a real guarantee of project success.

Tristan Falisse (Industrial designer)

Tristan, an industrial designer, juggles technical and creative skills with ease. His job is to bring complex ideas to life, while guaranteeing their practical feasibility. his ability to understand the concerns of others makes him a valuable colleague for the company.

Christelle Larondelle (Administrative Manager)

Christelle, our rigorous administrative manager, is the attentive guardian of order and precision within our SME. Its essential role is to ensure that day-to-day operations run smoothly.

Dorian Penzo (Industrial technician)

Dorian, a young technician who recently graduated, is settling into his role on our team with excellence. With a consistently positive attitude, Dorian embodies the new generation of technicians determined to master their craft.

Gilles Bolsée (Project Engineer)

Gilles is an industrial engineer with a passion for mechanics, specializing in the design of motorized systems. Our cutting-edge expertise translates into practical, precise solutions that deliver outstanding results.

Eva De Fazio (Community Manager)

Eva, our community manager, dedicated to helping Indutech evolve in the digital field.

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