of machines

Do you have an idea, a specific need or would you like to automate some or all of your processes? We can custom-build a machine to meet your every need. Versatile, precise, robust and scalable, our machines meet the most demanding specifications to ensure your complete satisfaction. As true partners in your business, our engineers and technicians have developed a five-step process.

Step 1

Information gathering and feasibility study

Because our creativity needs to be nourished by your reality, we visit you to gather as much information as possible. We discuss and understand your needs and expectations, and carefully study the layout to optimize space. From this first meeting, our specialists can give you an initial opinion on the feasibility of your project.

Step 2

Specifications and budgeting

In our design office, we collate all the data collected and call on our entire team to study your project from every angle. Everyone contributes their opinions and ideas, and the sum of everyone’s skills and experience enables us to draw up very precise specifications that include the project’s objectives, an initial technical development and a cost estimate.

Step 3

Project design and implementation

When everything is ready, the adventure really begins and the project comes to life in our workshop. Each team intervenes progressively to assemble all the elements according to very precise technical documents designed and imagined by the engineers. From three-dimensional drawings to the real thing, our machines are hand-built, and every step of the manufacturing process undergoes rigorous inspection and testing, enabling us to validate your project.

Step 4

in use

When everything is ready and validated in our workshops, we install the machines in your premises. We carry out extensive testing and commissioning. We train your teams and work with you to ensure that the objectives defined in the first stage are achieved.

Step 5

and maintenance

We remain at your side for the entire life of the machine. We intervene at regular intervals to ensure follow-up and maintenance. We take great care to ensure optimum performance, and are available at any time to help with any concerns. If required, we can also modify or upgrade your installations.

For further information or a quotation, please do not hesitate to contact the indutech team.