Our PANEL161 production line staples and nails tongue-and-groove panels and openwork cladding. An automatic depalletizer presents the tabs as close as possible to the operator, and a foot pedal actuates a pressing stop to maintain the assembly during stapling/nailing. The line is built symmetrically over two work zones, and allows the assembly of 4 units per zone, so part of the stapling/nailing can be done in hidden time while the next panel is being assembled.

Space-saving to reduce transport

An industrial stapler is used to fire up to 5 staples per second in flight as the gantry moves. An aluminum profile construction guarantees flatness of movement and flexibility of assembly, so that machine adaptations are easily possible. Like all our machines, PANEL161 is equipped with robust chain conveyors for moving pallets and stacks of panels. The line is equipped with a turning arm for nested palletizing, which saves space and reduces transport costs.