Imagining a machine capable of producing garden screens by screwing and sawing – that’s the aim of our SHERM180 production line. This line comprises lath infeed magazines, 2 board depalletizing modules, 8 automatic screwing units and a NACHI SRA166L robot for sawing and palletizing. Thanks to the ingenuity of our team, several types of screen can be produced, with an average production rate of one screen per minute!

The depalletizing modules are designed to pick up boards by vacuum, and are equipped with a scraper system to evacuate the laths between the layers of boards, a removable-bottom container to evacuate these laths, and a vacuum alarm and empty stack detection system.

The system is equipped with several pneumatic screwing units for storing, feeding and positioning screws. The machine constantly monitors pressure and screwing time to ensure that no screws are missing or incorrectly positioned.

The NACHI SRA166L palletizing robot is equipped with a vacuum pump and aluminum tooling, consisting of 3 suction housings intelligently positioned to operate regardless of the space between the boards.

The plant is also equipped with board storage systems, a 180-degree turning wheel and a palletizing rack. Each system is designed and manufactured by INDUTECH with productivity and reliability in mind!